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Lexington Law Firm
  • $99.95 first work fee, $59.95/mo. and up
  • Founded in 1991
  • 1MM+ negative items removed - 2011
  • Over 500,000+ clients retained
  • Online progress tracker w/ login
  • Free paralegal consultation
  • Free credit report summary
  • Call (855) 255-0149

Service Review:

Lexington Law is hands down the best credit repair service available today. For nearly 20 years, over a half million people have turned to them in times of need, and they have never disappointed. Lexington Law puts the client is in control of choosing which credit report items to dispute, then gets working on removing those items and improving credit scores. After completing a free consultation, clients will feel comfortable choosing one of their three solid levels of service.


Lexington Law understands that not everyone has the same credit repair needs, and their multi-leveled service plans give clients a choice in how to take action in improving their credit. Knowledgeable attorneys who have rapport with the credit agencies and years of experience handling the most complex credit cases are just two reasons you are in good hands with Lexington Law. Above all, they stand behind their service, guaranteeing that their customers will be satisfied or they will refund their money.


Case Facilitation – Paralegals work with the three credit reporting bureaus to raise your credit score

Case Supervision – Experienced lawyers supervise each credit repair case, using their expertise to guide clients through this complicated process

Payment Options – Clients can choose the level and length of service by paying affordable monthly subscription fees

Lexington Law offers 3 levels of credit support: Lexington Regular, Concord Standard, and Concord Premiere. Lexington Regular service starts rebuilding your credit immediately and offers clients unlimited opportunities to dispute negative credit report items. Concord Standard service is the next step up, and offers clients debt validation, used to remove questionable collections accounts, and escalated information requests, which protects clients from creditors who overstep their bounds. Concord Premiere service utilizes every avenue of credit repair, as well as monthly credit score tracking and around-the-clock Identity Theft Insurance, further protecting your well-being.

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